Hidden Gem: Jay Electronica “Fruits Of The Spirit”

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Yeezus. Of course, Jay Electronica would drop his Snuffleupagus seen album A Written Testimony on Friday, March 13. In the midst of a pandemic. Though it was a most excellent way to kick off Friday. Ok Jay let’s see what ya got…on Fruits Of The Spirit.

One minute and 34 seconds….yet he manages to drop this:

My people out in Flint still bathin’ in the slaughter
ICE out here rippin’ families apart at the border
Satan struck Palestine with yet another mortar
Lies from the reporters
Ass shots and stripper poles for the eyes of my daughter, hm
Swing low sweet chariot, my train is on schedule
But I had to take the Underground Railroad like Harriet


That’s 1 verse on 1 song and that’s deeper and bigger than like the last 20 hip hop albums.

This one is too short but it’s a sheesha classic come this Summer.

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