He’s Good For A Laugh

Over drinks a friend shares she started seeing a boy. Oh? How is that going? She tells me a bit…seems like it’s going well: the boy is no laughing stock.

Can I ask you a personal question? Do you like to laugh on the first date? Seriously this is no laughing matter…girls who laugh on the first date are called easy which is a double standard since guys can freely laugh on the first date. You Know?

Some girls wait 3 or 5 dates before laughing…they wanna get to know a guy’s sense of humour. I get that. Still, other girls don’t laugh at all and wait for marriage…they figure then it’ll be stomach hurting, tears streaming down, almost peed yourself laughs…they may be right. Hopefully, if done well your marriage is a side-splitting adventure with your BFF.

Dating is difficult and it’s work…often it’s hard to know if you should cry or laugh. As a guy I hafta watch out for gold diggers who’ll laugh all the way to the bank with my money! So…if it’s not too personal…how soon before you bust a gut? Or straight up and honestly tell a guy: please…don’t make me laugh.

There that was the last laugh.


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