Hellboy Reading

This morning I was reading a Hellboy trade and the intro was written by Guacamole del Toro. He talked about shooting Mimic in Toronto and when the set was rough going to Silver Snail comics and buying Hellboy. I fist pumped even though it was on the subway, that’s what I do too!

This winter my goal to complete the entire Hellboy world, there is about 40 odd trades so I’ve got work to do.

My favourite character is easily Lobster Johnson, he was fighting the Nazis prior to Hellboy’s WWII appearance. Dude is utterly fresh, a classic pulp hero.

We’ll probably never see a Hellboy 3 but if we do Lobster Johnson has to be in it. (Lately in Pacific Rim interviews Guacamole has been talking about doing a Justice League Dark movie…this would be extraordinary.

And yet even with the popularity of comic book movies this wouldn’t make more than $20…me and a couple of other nerds but so what? Lots of other movies get made and don’t make any cash).

Justice League Dark movie or Hellboy 3…let’s do this! First…lemme tackle all these trades…


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