Heart of Hush On The Subway

Ran into a friend on the subway…well he saw me. I’m usually gone on the subway when I’m reading: I’m in that world not this world. I’ve gotten in trouble from old people and 1 pregnant lady for not giving up my seat but when I read I’m “not here.”

I don’t notice anything.

I’m currently the fourth Hush book: Batman: Heart of Hush. The first book Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee is extraordinary. One of Batman’s best tales. That was followed by Hush Returns a bit meh, not terribly inspired. Payback is book number 3 and I dunno anything about it. They brought in Dini for this fourth book one so it should be a good run. Bad guys like Hush and Ra’s al Ghul should be used sparingly but epically.

I hope on The Dark Knight Rises dvd Nolan explains why he didn’t go with Hush as the movie villain. Hardy would also have been a perfect Black Mask. (I said Mask not Black Glove, ugh).

By the way you know in the comics Bruce Wayne is openly funding Batman? It’s part of the Batman: Incorporated as Dick (first Robin) and Bruce’s son are Batman and Robin (in Gotham) while Bruce travels the world recruiting Batmen. I’m not enjoying the series at all but ah…I’m on my own. Sales are way up and it’s critically lauded. Sigh.


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