Having A March To One’s Madness

Yo…yesterday my sister and I called in sick jumped into her car and hit up March Madness games in Buffalo. (I’m comfortable with regular racism at the border; s’part of life so be it still I wasn’t sure what to expect…it was painless. Pleasant surprise.)

I’ve attended NBA games for over 20 years in a variety of buildings. I’ve never been to an NCAA game let alone a March Madness game.

We saw Villanova spank Mount St Mary’s. Also St. Mary’s band sucked!! And their Bring It On girls were so meh: there was no Toros in the atmosphere. It was an underwhelming experience to start.

The second game though…oh man: Virginia Tech vs Wisconsin…all their Bring It On-ers were on point and so were their bands. Now’re cooking. The balling was better too.

Live the college kids are dynamos…the ball swings faster; the game is sloppier than many NBA teams. Kids, yo.

The games were dry too…I’ve never been to a sports game where everybody is sober. So there was no heckling, mocking of the refs…I felt like I was in kindergarten: so we just sit here with our hands in our laps? But…ummm, ok.

I found $40 (Canadian! Slight boo!) on the way out of the arena (split it with my sister). Overall a fun day. Be great to attend a college game in somebody’s house so I can yell “not in our house!”

I’ve questions about this experience…
Q: How come in time outs the kids sit in chairs? Like there is a guy whose job it is to set up and take away folding chairs…I don’t get it. You’re young…is it rest?

Q: All the comments I overheard were related to betting…while NBA teams discussions are based on players. Is knowledge of NCAA teams based primarily on the over/under or do people follow certain teams and like know players (I recognize there is lots of player turnover)?

Q: How come Wisconsin’s talent don’t wear shoes? Or were the girls wearing some sort of flesh coloured crocs?

Q: At home games…do they have an in game host/MC like NBA games? It was such a quiet building. We only got 1 t-shirt toss.


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