From The Mailbox: Q: “What drives you?”

Time to open the mailbox yet again!
Greg from Texas (where I’ve been assured everything is bigger) asked: “What drives you?”

I: My faithful valet Kato! Who happens to know kung-fu but I assure you any similarities between myself and this Green Hornet character are purely coincidental.

II: Creativity, Play, Achievement and Connection…connection is about the ability to connect different elements, to suss out patterns where others see none. You ever talk to somebody and in 5 minutes they’ve talked and linked Google, Picasso, Bono, cigars and peanut butter…all topics that seem unrelated yet they made them connected?

The ones who will win the future are the ones who daydream deeply and often. Not the companies with all their tech and toys. If you can see, not make but see patterns…connections then you have to be patient and wait for everybody else to catch up. Surround yourself with those people and do whatever you can to make the stuff they see happen.

If you’re too busy to dream then support the dreamers.


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