Finished X-Files

On a dark and cold January evening, the 10th…I started re-watching X-Files. And I just finished. 9 Seasons or 202 episodes. Plus 1 feature film. Whew. What a long ruckus filled journey.

(Oh and yes: the second feature film is a stand alone story so I will get to it. But the main overall story arc of the 9 seasons and first film is done. I may also tackle Lone Gunmen since it was only 13 episodes but I totally won’t go near Millennium. I need a break from this world).

Rewatch isn’t the right word…back in the day I dropped the show around Season 5 or 6. I’d certainly never seen any of the T-1000 episodes when Robert Patrick got cast. Really outstanding television. Of course with that many episodes there are some turkeys but even then they get grace for trying new things and taking risks.

The oddest thing about X-Files is they rarely brought back “bad guys.” Many of them didn’t die, rather ended up in mental hospitals or jail. There’s a whole host of characters with undetermined fates that could spark all kinds of stories.

And I dunno what it is but the Vancouver episodes were way more darker and menacing then the Cali episodes.

It was also fascinating to watch the internet develop…cell phones too. This show started in 1993 and ended in 2002. Technologically that’s a weird era. Only 1 text message was ever sent on that show. Crazy.


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