Feel It In Your Bones

Sigh…it’s that time of year where the debates begin: Real vs Artificial skeletons…when can you put em up, how long can you leave em…I get all lazy-bones every year.

Some people passionately dig the smell of real skeletons but I find the maintenance to be too much: I’m not working my fingers to the bone for such a short season.

And the decorations…how much is too much?! You don’t want your skeleton to be too garish…but bare bones is boring.

I dunno…having never jumped someone’s bones I don’t have any offspring in my life so I find all of this to be a chore: truly this is a season for children and imagination and wonder: remember when skeletons energetically danced in music videos? Simpler times make no bones about that!

Heavy Sigh…the thigh bone is connected to the what now…hows that song go again? Should bone up on all this…


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