213 | Fanny Curtat (Beyond Monet)

My Summer Lair Chapter #213: When I Say Monet What Do You Picture?

I wish the audio was a bit better for that conversation but it happens sometimes being on the road. Still fun to talk about Claude Monet with art historian and one of the people behind Beyond Monet: Fanny Curtat.

This immersive experience happening in Toronto Beyond Monet is fantastic and totally worth pants. It’s PantsWorthy.

The pandemic allowed us contemplate still life…a life where we all slowed down; we not only got to reorgnize our houses but also our lives and our values.

Hopefully one of those new values includes making time for the contemplation of art, the connection of art.

Making art and engaging with art are two of the most human things we do. And it doesn’t hafta be Monet…it’s just as special when a 5 year old runs up to you with a painting they swear is a turtle.

Even if there’s not such thing as a purple turtle.

Beyond Monet is called an Immersive Experience which makes it an invitation. I haven’t described a lot of the show or told you what to expect…go into it without the trailer. See it for yourself. Shake off the still life and bring yourself to life.

Like noticing or even slowing down your breathing. Don’t just rush from one breathe to the next. Pause for the cause. Be human. Be creative.

Beyond Monet @ WT F

Host Sammy Younan

Recorded: Wednesday August 11, 2021 at 1:30pm EST

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