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(Originally published April 22, 2009 on S’up Cuz website…)

April is Earth month as much as April 22 is Earth Day.

This blog is not written to push you to be or not be green. You’re an individual you make your own choices in this life and then live with them, it’s not the system I’d create but it’s the system we got.

Rather I just want to pull the curtain back and let you see the old man behind the wizard here at S’up Cuz.

Corporate green responsibility is totally different than individuality green responsibility. You don’t recycle your Coke can, meh, big deal. But a corporation dumps toxins into the river, that’s affecting all kinds of situations.

Obviously as a Sasquatch Sassy is an environmentalist but DC and I have green leanings. So it makes sense to weave greenness into the t-shirt company we founded.

At our treehouse HQ we use those oddly shaped energy saving light bulbs, save used paper so we can print on the back, little things that you know?

However here’s our confession.

Our shirts are not green approved.

We tired, we really did.

We considered organic cotton or bamboo shirts.

We explored using soy ink or vegetable dye ink to print the designs.

All kinds of similar options. Even going beyond the present reality to seeing what the future holds (we have a time machine in the basement, long story).

Only…the numbers didn’t add up. The resulting green t-shirts would be expensive: costs on our end price on your end.

Is a green t-shirt worth paying more than a “regular” t-shirt? You tell us.

Does anybody care where their clothes come from? How they are made? Lots of people are educated about their food but fashion origins still seem shrouded in ignorance.

By the by: If anybody has a lead or a hook up for ecofriendly options by all means hit us up.

It’s not that we’ve closed the book on this option rather the book is still open but it’s a chapter in our S’up Cuz history we should acknowledge. As a company we’re constantly striving to get better, fix our mistakes and move forward.


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