Dreamers Notebook

Ok as per my routine I had a several ideas roll through my head as I drifted off to sleep.

The reason for the notebook is not just too record ideas; any persistent idea will remain with you for a long time. No. The reason for a notebook is permission to fully exploit your current situation.

Think of bands like U2 or R.E.M. and the position they’re in. When working on a new album they have to wrestle with their own expectations/desires, be aware of critics, face record companies who demand hits, deal with fickle fans with ADD attention spans and just as important how this new work fits in with their earlier works.

It’s all pressure.

Thankfully people like you and I can live and therefore dream pressure free. Please: take full advantage of this time.

You never get it back again and if you continue to improve in an artistic medium you can’t get unfamous. This is huge for me…ever impatient I fight with the present like a bad roommate. We just don’t get along. I ignore the past and spend all my time in the future like a rogue time traveler. The present? There is no such thing.

The notebook then becomes the vessel in which you place the various artifacts you can gather for your vision.

To work and dream in a less pressurized situation, where money and people’s livelihood is not on the line. When it’s easier to have full faith in God.

And time.

Time to broaden your dream, expand it and make it borderless.

You’re never under any obligation to listen to reality’s voice; your contemporary situation grants you the luxury to dream: to fully articulate visions and better understand just what it is you are attempting to pull off. Well.

The biggest communicated vision of all time remains the Great Commission, look at how articulate Christ is: 33 years to prepare for it and yet he shared his vision with a handful of people, whose dedication has brought us to this hour, this moment.

So go. Get a notebook, dream a lot and write it all down. Pursue boldness like a male character in a romantic comedy chases after his girl getting on the train/plane.

You are going to encounter more than enough people who will discourage you, dismiss you or your dream, or worse both and so on.  Ours is not a world that rewards dreamers, more often we think we are saving them by breaking them.

I’m learning have a dream is a great first step.  Most people don’t even have a dream.  Dreaming is something we do when we’re asleep, work is what we do when we’re awake.

That’s probably why zombie movies are popular again, we clearly see ourselves, shuffling off to work, shuffling back to home, shuffling from one experience to the next, with no shock, no stimulation. But let people know you are dreaming, share with the vision, let them be a part of it and more importantly, word of mouth…you never know who can suddenly be in a position to help you.

Tea cools.


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