Dark Tower’s Movie Quest

Heard this last night on Sirius…dude does a good breakdown on where Dark Tower movie is at…includes interviews with Stephen King, Elba and others.

Thing is…if he’s right the studio doesn’t have a lot of confidence in the franchise. The plan is to release 1 Dark Tower movie (covering which books/stories I’m not fully sure) and then if that does well make more.

This sounds like it’s going like Narnia went…how many movies did they release 2? 3? This Dark world is so amazing and yet if they only make 1 movie that seems silly and frustrating. (And of course there is the craptacular quality most King book to movies offer…I dunno…1 movie ain’t gonna cut it).

I’ve every right to be cautious. King book to screen has some seriously serious stinkers…when they get wrong they get it wrong badly. Sadly King book to screen genre rivals video game to screen for stinkosity.

Even more frustrating is Ron Howard’s idea is crazy good! He wanted to do 3 movies AND a TV show…the TV show would be all the backstory. But he got turned down a lot…studios get scared people want to stay home and watch Netflix instead of put on pants and go to the cinema. Which I don’t get…people are excited to see an Avengers movie as much as they are to watch Luke Cage. So here we are…1 movie and hope for the best.


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