Damn The Fridge: A Scribble Manifesto

Say goodbye to Artistic Freedom.

Soon as you hit Grade 2 your turtle had better damn well look like a turtle, not this scribble crap that you have to interpret for well meaning but dense adults. If somebody says “Turtles are not pink and blue!” you don’t need them in your life. You can find new parents: celebrities adopt children all the time!

Scribbles don’t earn the fridge anymore, that’s how they put you on notice. They call it growing up but you can call it what it is: the game has changed.

Fight the shame of not making the fridge!

You don’t need the fridge, your scribbles are great because it’s your Art. If you make your Art authentically and openly you don’t need the fridge, the fridge is for suckers! It’s a trap like 9 to 5 jobs, McDonalds and reality tv. So yes your turtle can be pink and blue. Your scribble doesn’t even have to look like a turtle! Set yourself free. Don’t be institutionalized by fridge.

Burn the fridge down with all of its precious and colourful magnets and let your scribbles no matter how strange be enough. No. Matter. What.


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