A Copperhead Road Adventure

Today’s Adventure: I spoke to Steve Earle. Both on the record and off the record he regaled me with stories about the piano he had growing up, Nashville, hanging out with Willie Nelson, Guy Clark and so many old school cats.

He’s wonderfully spicy and spirited: his anger at injustice hasn’t dimmed with age it’s just been properly harnessed into fuel. He lives in New York City and as he was going off on President Trump I pointed out: you saw the trailer before the rest of us saw the movie.

My observation sparked a story: he ran his hand down his entire beard and said this is who Trump is (before being elected). He told me about going to a Yankees game and Trump showed up in the 3rd inning and left before the 7th!! WHO DOES THAT? He pauses then adds: asshole.

Heh…I dunno if he’s referring to Trump’s White House report card or to coming in the 3rd and leaving in the 7th. I didn’t ask for clarification.

That he’s so irritated at Trump for not staying for an entire ball game as much as our rampant oppression of working class people is incredible. I gave him a fist bump on the way out.

(Actually after the mics were off I asked him about the First Step Act and more recently the Second Step initiative. Steve’s been involved for decades in prison reform, pushing back against the death penalty…he’s got story after story…most of em sad. These initiatives while bipartisan will become part of President Trump’s legacy and thankfully they’re working. Steve said some encouraging things which I was grateful to hear. There’s still lots to do…for example removing mug shots from google searches which the government will hafta get involved in but at least some suffering is being alleviated.)

Interview will be up soon; stay tuned.


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