Concert: Michael James Band

Up late to write a short review of tonight’s show: Michael James Band.

Found about these guys the easy way: my friend Matt manages them. And is doing a superb job. I’m proud of the brother and wish him and the band much success.

Not that Michael needs my good wishes. This guy sounds like all 3 Jack White bands mashed together. Awe. Some. He’s got some blues but no sorrow and nicely balances rock with swagger. It was fun.

I only wish more people had come to the show.

It sucks that so many of our best artists—in all kinds of mediums—toil in obscurity. I’m not stupid…buzz only comes when you’ve done something remarkable. And yet I can’t help but believe that stepping out, touring, taking risks rather than sitting on the couch or worse talking about doing something is remarkable.  Isn’t it?

I guess it’s just not enough. Which is sad and frustrating.

As Filter Magazine insists: Good Music Will Prevail.

Hope so…even if I’ve never been patient.


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