Chapter and Spider-Verse

At the Yonge-Dundas Cinema and the couple in front of me are contemplating date-nerd-night.

She says: “Babe: Captain Marvel’s not sold out.” She reaches out for his arm.

Him scanning the movie titles: “hmm. They got Spider-Verse, though.”

(I hadda do a What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis? look at the movie titles display. Spider-Man is still playing?! Yup: Boyfriend is correct.)

“Yeah,” she says “but Captain Marvel is the new one.”

Boyfriend: “Spider-Verse has Spider-Man.” I gave him check for that. Pretty airtight logic. “Actually: it has more than 1 Spider-Man.” And there it is…checkmate.

Last attempt; a compromise: “Fighting with My Family?”

“Spider-Man is not in that.” This guy needs a pop culture podcast…to paraphrase the Beastie Boys: “he’s on it.”

They went ahead and bought 2 tickets for Into the Spider-Verse (which is a solid choice).

And yet…neither of them noticed/remarked that the wayback playback cinema is currently screening Thelma & Louise.

What’s Past Is Prologue.


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