CanCon 9: Amos The Transparent

For the record while Nickelback and Bieber Fever are Canadian exports, it was Americans who made them big. Just saying we all played a part in that sad tale. And yet there’s so much good music coming out of Canada. I’ll be in the US Grandpa Simpson rambling about some band that’s HUGE in Canada and earn blank looks. Who or what are you talking about? So that’s the purpose behind this CanCon Column every Tuesday at 9am…to provide illumination of Canadian music: retro, past and present/future. Any suggestions email or use comments below.

Amos The Transparent
Formation: 2007-
Twitter: @amostransparent
Website: Amos the Transparent
Fan Website: Coming Soon?

Check Out:
Goodnight My Dear…I’m Falling Apart

Amos The Transparent Goodnight My Dear...I'm Falling ApartThere’s a classic choice all bands have to make…the Clash even wrote a song about it: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Do you stay in your hometown, even if it’s not that big or do you pack up, setting up shop in The Big City. Back in the late 70s U2 contemplated leaving Dublin for London. Do you stay where you are or do you move to New York or LA?

In Canadian music terms Toronto’s the main destination but Vancouver is a strong bold second choice (with better weather and a couple of IHOPs). Amos are from Ottawa just a few short hours away from Toronto (the Ottawa winters alone would prompt anyone to pack it up and move on). Yet they’ve chosen to stay and more importantly contribute to their city. They want to become vital members of the Ottawa scene, which is incredibly inspiring. Imagine if some of the Seattle grunge bands had left to go to LA.

I’d set my musical spider-sense to Ottawa: Amos have the genuine ability to be a conduit to a vibrate scene.

Sounds Like:
Wallflowers, Verve mashed with Arcade Fire

Fun Fact:
During a recent Toronto visit on their tour, talking to their super cool manager Todd there appeared an opportunity to run their merch table. Now you should always have sassy fun and hot girls running a merch table (this is, after all rock n roll) however it was not meant to be. At the last second sassy fun agreed to work the table. If you ever have the chance run a band’s merch table. You meet cool people who like cool music. Great discussions ensue!

Funky Cool Lyric:
“I don’t want to hear the new song on the radio/I don’t want to see what happens when you let go…”

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