CanCon 8: The New Deal

For the record while Nickelback and Bieber Fever are Canadian exports, it was Americans who made them big. Just saying we all played a part in that sad tale. And yet there’s so much good music coming out of Canada. I’ll be in the US Grandpa Simpson rambling about some band that’s HUGE in Canada and earn blank looks. Who or what are you talking about? So that’s the purpose behind this CanCon Column every Tuesday at 9am…to provide illumination of Canadian music: retro, past and present/future. Any suggestions email or use comments below.

The New Deal
Formation: 1998-2011
Twitter: None
Website: The New Deal
Fan Website:Coming Soon…

Check Out
New Deal (self titled album)

The New DealLet’s be honest. Most folks don’t go to opening bands. And for those bar nights where 4 or 5 bands are sandwiched together people come to see the one band they want and take off. I stayed one night and was promptly rewarded with The New Deal.

Think it was an Ivana Santili show not sure–it doesn’t matter. The venue spilled into the night as The New Deal set up on stage. My friends and I were bored but didn’t just want to leave. Soon as The New Deal began our jaws hit the ground like we were cartoon characters. Their sound was like unleashing a caged animal, ferocious and hungry, powerfully mauling negative beliefs.

Even people who were leaving, stopped, turned around and came back. We were young, just discovered amazing new music so we danced, danced, danced. A good night was had by all.

Sadly it appears the band has broke up. Thankfully with cds and MP3s music is forever.

Sounds Like:
Groove Armada? Hard to tell really, check em out and you tell me.

Fun Fact:
On this self titled album The New Deal want you to know: “No sequencers or samplers were used in the recording of this album.” Which is crazy when you listen to the album. It doesn’t “sound” possible. Oh but it is. First time I saw them live the drummer pounded out a thick and wicked beat while simultaneously beatboxing! Cra.zy. Wow. He was basically harmonizing with his own percussion.

Funky Cool Lyric:
“This stuff is frikken amazing!” Your friend, putting his dance on pause, yelling in your ear over the impressive breakbeat.

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