CanCon 7: Ivana Santilli

For the record while Nickelback and Bieber Fever are Canadian exports, it was Americans who made them big. Just saying we all played a part in that sad tale. And yet there’s so much good music coming out of Canada. I’ll be in the US Grandpa Simpson rambling about some band that’s HUGE in Canada and earn blank looks. Who or what are you talking about? So that’s the purpose behind this CanCon Column every Tuesday at 9am…to provide illumination of Canadian music: retro, past and present/future. Any suggestions email or use comments below.

Ivana Santilli
Formation: 2000s-
Twitter: @IvanaSantilli
Website: Ivana Santilli
Fan Website:

Check Out:

Ivana Santilli BrownSo last week the CanCon spotlight was on Bass is Base. Out of that group’s break up came the lovely, the talented, amazing smelling Ivana Santilli!

More funk, soul, jazz, hip hop…that trumpt. Those keys. This woman is baby bottom smoooooth.

If Canada was a high school Toronto would be that kid who thinks they’re cool…when really, you can tell they’re trying to hard. And it’s a little sad and it’s a little awkward but that’s the way it goes.

Now Montreal that city IS cool. It’s fun, it’s vibrant…the women are strong and healthy. Poutine a plenty. It’s a great city.

Mobile hails from Montreal so really, it’s no surprise they’re a toe tapping delight. The singles especially…they instantly pick up the energy of the venue…people leap off their chairs and rush to the dance floor. Singles like See Right Through Me and Out Of My Head. Man. Road trip to Montreal? Whose with me! Shotgun!

Sounds Like:
Early Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, even some Black Eyed Peas

Fun Fact:
After the band broke up MC Mystic became a chef. He has a tv show on Food Network and everything. That’s not mystic that’s cosmic.

Funky Cool Lyric:
Your eyes surprised me like a moon a cowboy movie screen

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