176 | BJ Verot (The Return)

My Summer Lair Chapter #176: If you could be taken out by any classic movie good guy who you would you want to take you out?

This My Summer Lair conversation is so fun. Some of the movies BJ and I discuss: Aliens, Total Recall, RoboCop, The House On the Left, Toys of Terror, House on Haunted Hill, Sudden Death and of course BJ’s movie: The Return now screening at Blood in the Snow Film Festival.

The Return is a sci-fi/horror movie written and directed by BJ Verot. Only when he’s not writing or directing BJ is according to his incredible titles on IMDB: a Stunt Driver, Stunt Performer…Stunt Coordinator. Yes!

He’s fallen dangerously, he’s driven dangerously and sometimes he’s even been killed dangerously. So cool: I wanna know how what he does is different from Evel Knievel?

And speaking of different: his movie? The Return. It starts out as a horror: it’s creepy cool but then slowly becomes a sci-fi something. I can’t say much more. But man: it’s twisted.

I really enjoyed this quirky chat. Do follow BJ’s socials (see below) to check out if and when The Return is playing at the film festival near you. Shout out to Blood in the Snow for setting this up.

BJ Verot @ WT F

Host Sammy Younan

Recorded: Friday October 30, 2020 at 2pm EST

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