Morning Tea: Bing Bong…It’s Boba Fett!

Boba Fett’s Book!

Derrick Henry!

Bing Bong! Brew a strong tea: yo!

The First Yo of The Day.

All the monsters have been slayed. It’s Monday and it’s a Halloween hangover.

Go forth and score that discount candy. Best way to make a Monday taste sweet.

Derrick Henry Injury

As for today’s cover image: I’m not an NFL guy though I’ve been paying more attention the last few seasons.

Derrick Henry is a bulldozer and fantastic to watch. Does adding more games to the NFL season impact injury reports?

A team’s record still matters (because winning will always matter) but is it possible for some players to return in time now that the season is longer?

When The Garden Is Eden Part 2: This Time It’s Personal

It’s not just the return of the Knicks: the NYC story is truly the return of the glorious Garden.

I’ve been to NBA games in Toronto, Cleveland, Memphis, LA etc. and Madison Square Garden is one of the most sacred locations with one of the brightest fanbases.

It’s a joy to go to an MSG game. So yeah: Bing Bong!

Hello My Name Is Morbius

My So-Called Life according to Jared Leto in this Morbius featurette.

You can drop as many trailers as you want I’m 100% Out. There’s just no way this’ll be good. I mean vampires are known to suck…

Mi Batcave es Su Batcave

Long live the giant penny and the T-Rex in the Batcave.

Write On!

Literati tweeted: “Happy National Author’s Day to the wordsmiths, the alchemists, the magicians with a pen. You’ve transported us to our wildest dreams and written us whole again in our weakest moments. Thank you.”

Especially since it’s November 1st and NaNoWriMo has sorta kinda just started.

A blank page is so inspiring it can instantly be transformed into anything…a poem, a screenplay…a novel and so much more.

That’s fresh.

#SetTheVCR: The NBA 75th Anniversary Season

Today the #NBA75 celebrates the Toronto Huskies (awful name!). The first game in NBA history between the Toronto Huskies and New York Knicks was played 75 years ago: November 1, 1946. Woah, yo.

But don’t forget about this Toronto-ish NBA moment: In the early 80s the Cavs owner was that era’s James Dolan.

He was so hated in Cleveland he almost…so close almost moved the Cavs to Toronto. Crazy. All those Jordan battles. History is wild.

#TrailerAlert: Black Friday

God Bless America. Black Friday the Movie.

This trailer made me laugh…this is exactly how the rest of the world sees America.

I’ll see this.

#SetTheVCR: The Book of Boba Fett

Boba Fett didn’t have his helmet on for half that trailer. Yo, man. I ain’t paying for Telly Savalas when it’s called Boba Fett.

Nobody goes to Spider-Man movies excited to see Peter Parker. Like W-T-Fett is going on…

The Book of Boba Fett | December 29 |Disney+


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