Big Time At Big 3

So last night I checked out The Big 3 (thanks for the tickets Michael Rapaport!).

This is the 3 on 3 basketball tournament started by Ice Cube…lotta former NBA players: Iceman, Dr. J, The Glove, Big Baby, Oakley, Birdman, Rick Mahorn…The Killer Midget, Metta World Peace. (Will be interesting to see if talent eventually comes from Big 3 to the NBA. Like many NBA fans I didn’t bother with the WNBA which has done a terrible job marketing its storylines.)

It’s weird entertainment…the rules are different from NBA games (some better…they have a 4 point shot, yo!) so it’s hard to know what’s the what. They still got the girls who drop it like it’s hot with hip hop routines…and they do that XFL thing with nicknames on the jersey instead of names (well a nickname is a name!).

This thing is 2 years old so like every small child it doesn’t know what it wants to be yet…or who it wants to become when it grows up.

It feels more nostalgic than futuristic: it’s hard to walk away from brights lights and fans. I feel for these players…one last moment to shine.

There’s 4 weeks left in the season: Beantown, ATL, Big D and Brooklyn (for the championship).

If you like NBA you’ll know these players; if you got kids who like NBA games these tickets are cheaper to get than an NBA but not as much fun. And! you do get to see Ice Cube (he was there!!)…who went from battling the FBI and Tipper Gore for moral indecency (whatever that is) to providing basketball entertainment for your kids. That guy needs a documentary: what an American Dream: Are We There Yet?


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