Because Thursdays Are Garbage Day

I put regret on the curb today
because Thursday is Garbage Day.

The Experts—they have so much to say about
how I should live my life yet they have never met me;
—Really Causes That Eerie Familiarity Like An Accurate Horoscope—
say you should throw out things you no longer actively use:
and I have no more need for regret.
I no longer desire to live under its harsh and heavy burden.
Last week I threw out guilt and pity
and the space they freed up is incredible.
I should fill that wide open space with hope
or claim a wise universal truth that conveniently fits my life;
false hope is always better than no hope.
From my last inventory
I still have lots of shame and I wonder if I will ever have the courage to throw it out.
In fact so much should go; my envy is bulky and often messy.

My neighbour is bold, for right next to my regrets on the curb
he threw out all his hope.
Those types of dark decisions always make the Garbage Man shake his head:
how we easily dismiss Him because of the low quality of His work.
Yet like a ghetto archeologist among our tossed relics He discovers more about us
then we care to admit
—Even In Darkness—
The Garbage Man Knows.
all to often we make His head shake:
while He may enjoy the intelligent perspective distance offers
like The Expert who has so much accurately vague commentary on my life
I have to make decisions I know are good.
My neighbour is no different.
As I walk back towards my house
—The Dirty Smell Of Regret Still On My Hands—
I can’t help but feel a part of me is missing;
rarely do I travel with so little baggage so
the Light Sensation takes some getting used to.

I sure hope the Garbage Man comes quickly
before I change my mind.


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