Back Issue Bloodbath…Host!

Well now 2016 has not unfolded as I anticipated. Hannibal may love it when a plan comes together but life is not always so neat. I mean I hafta drive myself instead of get into a van driven by Mr. T.

I’m launching a new era in Geek Hard‘s Back Issue Bloodbath…as Andrew Young’s co-host! What? Sweet.

Yeah it turns out regular co-host Gavin Stephens has a few things on his plate so I got called up from the minors…I’m the Rudy of podcasting. (What an awful metaphor…I’m the Twilight Chick of writing).


Andrew visited My Summer Lair on April 7, 2016. That visit lead to a number of appearances on Back Issue Bloodbath and Geek Hard.

And now we’re here.

This is so cool! I wanna find my creative voice online…how to talk about comics. I get into with nerds all the time so it’s not new. But with this great power and this great responsibility the hope is to share what’s fresh and avoid what’s tank…so many good comic out there. Nobody should be wasting time reading bad comics.

You Know? So grateful for this opportunity.

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