Al Capone & My Other High School

Today is warm and amazing.

Actually what’s amazing is I found a leftover pack of Al Capones cleaning up my room. I dunno from which NYC trip these are from; whatever I quickly paired them with a lighter. I typically don’t start smoking season until May 1st but I figured if this is indeed the end of the world let’s go out with some style. Shrugged into my jacket and left my home.

Following the sidewalk, with the most Sunshine I walked over to Norman Bethune the high school I was supposed to attend and lit up the first Al Capone. Drier than a British sitcom and stiffer than a senior’s knees after a long flight yet still some smooth flavour persisted. Yes.

There’s 4 in there…well 3 now.

I slowly roamed the abandoned school campus; I’d never really been to Bethune. I kinda rejected it sight unseen. As I got to the back of the school the Al Capone came to an end. I extinguished it against one of the brick columns near the back door. As I mashed the cigarillo against the column a cold wind whistled through the columns.

I dropped the Al Capone by the curb and pulled up my jacket zipper and walked away.

I miss John Woo..the scene need a handful of white doves flying off behind me. Doves or no doves I’ll be back 3 more times.


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