A Boy, His Cars and His Dreams

A recently purchased lottery ticket prompted the discussion which tv or movie car from childhood I’d purchase. After some tea and no pants time here’s my list:

First of all the car talks, how cool is that!  Though I met KITT once and I was so eager to share a dirty joke I’d recently heard from one of those renegade adults.  KITT scolded me and didn’t find such language appropriate for someone of my age.  Morality, a cool looking car, it talks, drives itself…like this is the whole package.  Come on lottery ticket!

2) A-Team Van
I dunno I just realized it was an ordinary van, there was no cool communications and buttons and stuff in the back.  But dang if BA didn’t look so cool driving it.  Maybe I can substitute this one for Face’s car, also with that ever so sharp red strip.

3) Back To The Future’s Delorean
I’ve sat in this car and wondered and wondered not where I should go but when!  Would I travel back in time and kill Hitler as a baby?  Or even further back and attend the party where Jesus turned water into wine?  The future is too appealing, I mean the past we already know.  Overwhelmed by too many great possibilities I ended up going nowhere.  There’s a metaphor or a life lesson in there but I don’t want to acknowledge it.

4) Batmobile 1
The classic is the still the Batmobile from the 60s camp show.  A convertible to boot, what a bonus.  Nothing like fighting crime with your entire head exposed. Solid.

5) Batmobile 2
The one from Burton’s 1989 movie, especially that whole security lockdown feature.  Fantastic.  Though it’s a two seater so this would have to exclusively used for my bachelor days.  If I ever end up married maybe then the A-Team van would come in handy.

6) Crockett’s Ferrari
From Miami Vice the original is still classic the Ferrari Daytona.  Man I promise you, that engine rattled my tv, sweet action! Well until gunrunners launched a Stinger missile thus sending both Crockett and I in a downward spiral of mourning.  But we both turned the frowns upside down instantly upon seeing his “new” white Ferrari Testarossa.  Now that’s smoooooooth.

7) Bond Cars
Any Bond car.  If I couldn’t get KITT I’d go after a Bond car, outfit it with a female personality and that’d instantly be fantastic.  Though my flippant and rampant unchecked use of introducing myself in classic Bond fashion, “Bond, James Bond” would instantly curtail any appeal with the ladies.

8) Christine
Ok sure the car was evil but at least all my “problems” would be taken care off.  We’re in this together!

Those are my top picks for sure. Really hope that lottery ticket comes through BIG time!


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