80s Celebration: Madonna!

Couple of years back I had the notion to celebrate the 80s in poetry. Occasionally in this space I’ll post a poem celebrating something or someone gloriously 80s.

Today is Madonna’s 53rd birthday, crazy I know. Take that Lady Gaga!

MadonnaDesperately Seeking Susan

Burning Up is the sensation my heart felt the second I discovered her.
Instantly my five senses took a Holiday,
for in the fresh MTV galaxy of pop I’d uncovered a sultry Lucky Star.
Straddling wet sex on mainstream’s tightly conservative Borderline;
alternating Bowie-Masks Like a Virgin:
blonde-channelling Marilyn (oh sweet Marilyn the Material Girl:
always I remain Crazy For You).
Her Angel eyes entice you deep
Into The Groove a hypnotic sonic freedom
To Dress You Up in sexy fishnets or laughingly into a wedding dress.
Oh Papa: Papa Don’t Preach for by now the Catholic church has had enough
True Blue with the way our society is calmly hurtling towards hell.
She only ask that you Open Your Heart,
Your heart: La Isla Bonita.
By now…tell me Who’s That Girl?

Like A Prayer like a video for by now you know how
to Express Yourself; giving us the freedom and permission to do likewise:
which is why we continue to Cherish you:


80s Celebration: MTV!

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