8 Truths I Learned From Entourage: No. 8

Endings Are Important

Endings are important.

Our society tends to celebrate beginnings. Like when you quit smoking. Start a new job or a relationship. Babies.

There’s potential in beginnings, hope plus the beauty of raw newness. Beginnings are inspiring.

So are endings.

Beginnings are worth celebrating yet it’s important  to recognize the reason you begin something is not the reason you keep doing it. You may start going to the gym because it’s the healthy thing to do but you keep going when that fit brunette on the 7th floor makes naughty comments on your pythons.

Truthfully everything comes to an end. Our lives, jobs, friendships. So much in our lives is set up to end. Though sometimes not in the way we want. We curse death when it takes a young person while murmuring comfort that an old person is no longer suffering.

Happily every now and then we get to end the way we want. On our terms. Or rather…that’s that, we’ve come to the end like a high school graduation. Endings prompt looking back which reveals regrets.

Entourage as a tv show is now done. Single tear. Yet I’d bet for the characters as they look back at their time, the things they did…didn’t do, I’m sure the regrets would be minimal. Oh they’ll always be there, for sure. The ability to leave, on your own time, in your own way with your head held high…that’s a beautiful gift.

Looney Tunes

The final truth I learned from Entourage is keep the ultimate endgame in mind.

Like a Coming Soon poster at the cinema…the end is coming. It is promised. What a rare joy it’d be to work towards that ending, so it can be celebrated as much as a beginning.


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