8 Truths I Learned From Entourage: No. 6


I didn’t enjoy school. Yeah I was one of those kids, left many a crying or frustrated teacher. So Be It. I didn’t enjoy the structure, the time demands, the lessons…everything sucked about school. Work is not much better. It’s 2011 we’re way past the Industrial Revolution and a farming society. So why hasn’t everything else changed? We may party like it’s 1999 but we work like it’s 1799.

One aspect of Vincent Chase’s life I envied is his work cycle: it was designed around the notion of choice. Granted struggling actors don’t have choice, you simply take what’s offered. Look up anybody on IMDB and scroll down their list of movies and tv shows, it gets crappier and crappier, symbolically but not always officially close to rock bottom.

When he was hot Vincent Chase had choice. He had significant offers: demands on his time and his talent. That incredible distinct ability to choose as much work or as little work is intoxicating. Instantly it prompts questions:

I have a 9 to 5 job, 1 hour off for lunch. It makes no sense in 2011. Why doesn’t my manager see that?

If I had a choice…would I work every day? Would I work 2 hours or 8 hours or 12 hours?

When it comes to work what kind of structure do I require? How do you balance structure with flexibility?

More than just choice of which work to do (or ignore) Chase had the ability to work with specific people.

Choice of work, choice of people. Choice = Freedom.

This sounds a lot better than showing up everyday–after a long brutal commute–to a cold cubicle to push around papers. I don’t mind work…even hard work. If I won the lottery I’d still work. But how?

Thinking about choice…about all that current technology equips and offers us, it’s difficult to know exactly how to…work. I guess I’ll have to experiment and see what…works.

Sadly work is here to stay…I know I don’t have a choice. Or do I…what do you suggest Homer Simpson?


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